Other VBS Resources

For Individuals Who Belong to Subscribing Institutions

Out of respect for the creative process and in recognition of the intellectual property issues involved, IRMS will maintain the highest of ethical standards in our lending policies for our licensed resources.

For some time now it has been the policy of Iowa Religious Media Services to loan resources at no charge to individuals who belong to congregations who have purchased an annual subscription. It is the assumption of IRMS that these resources are only for the personal use of the borrowing individual.

In response to an increasing number of requests by individuals to use resources borrowed from IRMS through a church membership in that individual’s work environment, IRMS affirms that we will not knowingly provide resources for use in this context. Such usage is outside the scope of the licensing arrangements made between IRMS and the publishers of our resources at the time of purchase.

Likewise, an individual associated with a non-subscribing institution is barred from checking out resources for usage at a non-subscribing institution through another church’s subscription.

Vacation Bible School

Current year Cokesbury sampler kit

Other VBS Resources

Veggie Town Values (Big Idea Productions, 1998) Complete Kit

Marketplace 29 AD (All may be checked out)

Marketplace 29 AD (1989 Edition)–Kit and video (KT 67)

Marketplace 29 AD (1992 Edition)–Kit and video (KT 68)

Antioch 49: Apostle Paul’s Early Journeys–Kit and video (KT 71)

BC 1440: Build a Holy Place (The Tabernacle)–Kit and video (KT 72)

Christ’s Chosen AD 27-28: The Disciples–Kit and video (KT 73)

Marketplace AD 29 Advent Program–Kit and video (KT 69)

His Last Week AD 30: Lenten and Easter Experiences–Kit and video (KT 70)