Denominational (Protestant)

For Individuals Who Belong to Subscribing Institutions

Out of respect for the creative process and in recognition of the intellectual property issues involved, IRMS will maintain the highest of ethical standards in our lending policies for our licensed resources.

For some time now it has been the policy of Iowa Religious Media Services to loan resources at no charge to individuals who belong to congregations who have purchased an annual subscription. It is the assumption of IRMS that these resources are only for the personal use of the borrowing individual.

In response to an increasing number of requests by individuals to use resources borrowed from IRMS through a church membership in that individual’s work environment, IRMS affirms that we will not knowingly provide resources for use in this context. Such usage is outside the scope of the licensing arrangements made between IRMS and the publishers of our resources at the time of purchase.

Likewise, an individual associated with a non-subscribing institution is barred from checking out resources for usage at a non-subscribing institution through another church’s subscription.


  • Bookmarks
    Bible study for older youth; Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

EPISCOPAL (Morehouse)

  • Growing Together (New)
     Downloadable intergenerational resources for congregational celebrations.  Four seasonal volumes, 8 celebrations each.
  • Celebrate The Good News
    Weekly resources for Children’s Chapel, gr. K-5 (ages 5-12)
  • All Things New
    Print and CD resources for P-K and grades 1-2, 3-4, 5-6
  • Living the Good News
    Available online only.  Two versions:  One for congregations using the Revised Common Lectionary; one for parishes using the Roman Catholic lectionary.  Three quarters annually.  Resources for Preschool, K-1, gr. 2-3, 4-5, 6-8.
  • Weaving God’s Promises
    Three-year cycle Episcopal-specific resources for ages 3-11; graded Pre-school, K-1, gr. 2-3, 4-5. Adaptable for all sizes of congregations. Print and downloadable resources.
  • Confirm Not Conform (new 2010)
    Episcopalian confirmation resources for youth and adults.

LUTHERAN (Augsburg/Fortress)

  • Splash/Spark
    Flexible resources for age 2 to grade 6 with options for lectionary based classroom and rotational models. Splash Pak for birth to age 3; Spark Story Bible for ages 2-gr. 2; Spark Bible for grades 3-6.
  • Sparkhouse
    Session-by-session print materials for teacher and learners; DVD video introduces each theme. Holy Moly (KT354=) for K-gr. 4; Connect (KT353=); Echo the Story (DV1216=) and Reform (DV1217=) for youth.  Also available in various denominational and non-denominational versions.


  • Current Catalogue (2015-16) of curricula resources from Congregational Ministries Publishing
     Confirmation curriculum for youth (ages 12-14) available in eight and 35 session versions.
  • Growing in Grace and Fall Gratitude (New 2015)
     Graded ages 1-3, 3-5, 5-7, 8-10 plus a multi-age resource (ages 5-10) for three quarters annually, plus summer resources for ages 3-5 and 5-10.  Available in two formats: print or downloadable PDF.
  • We Believe
    Confirmation curriculum for youth (ages 12-14) available in eight and 35 session versions.
  • Feasting On The Word
    Online curriculum for teaching the Revised Common Lectionary. Graded K-2. 3-4, Tweens (gr 5-6), Multi-Age (K-6), Youth, Young Adult (Conversations on the Feast), Adult; Joining The Feast for Pastors/congregational Worship Leaders.
  • Being Reformed: Faith Seeking Understanding
    Short-term study resources for Adults related to various aspects of the Reformed/Presbyterian tradition. Complete catalogue of topics available.
  • Foundations of Christian Faith
    Five theme-related courses for adults.
  • Rotating Workshops
    Four theme-related materials for grades 1-5 (Baptism; Communion; Apostle’s Creed; Lord’s Prayer).
  • High School Church School
    Seven-unit CD.
  • Bible Studies for Men
    Bible study guides (IRMS has 23)
  • Horizons Bible Study (Horizons)
    Bible study guides for Presbyterian Women (IRMS has 1999-2008 volumes)
  • Real Faith/Real Life Series (Bridge Resources)
    Four six-session study guides for young men and women.


  • Faith Alive/Walk with Me
    Graded: PS, K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8; nine units of four sessions each per year (gr. K-5 has resources for two years; gr. 6-8 has three years) plus seasonal/holiday and summer units.
  • WE
    Kit of resources (an “Event Box”) for ten intergenerational learning events, including event guides, for pre-school to older adults.  Print, digital, PowerPoint and reproducible materials on CD. Samples downloadable from WEcurriculum.org.
  • Infuse/In The Works
    Faith formation resources for adults
  • Kid Connection
    Multi-age (K-6 or K-3, 4-6) resources for smaller church Sunday School and mid-week programs; three year-cycle; three quarters each, plus seasonal/holiday and summer units.  Developed from the Walk With Me series.
  • God Loves Me
    Fifty two Bible stories for ages 2-3.
  • Friendship (Friendship Ministries)
    Seven units/mini-courses, five sessions each for youth and adults with mental disabilities


  • Affirming Faith
    Resources for Confirmation


  • Comprehensive 2015-16 catalogue of all materials offered through Cokesbury.
  • Power Xpress: A Guide for Rotational Learning with Children
    Undated, ungraded units each with 8 options; available in print or downloadable.
  • Deep Blue (New Fall 2015)
     Graded weekly resources for:  Toddlers and Twos; Pre-school (age 3-4); Early Elementary (ages 5-6); Middle Elementary (age 7-8); Older Elementary (age 9-10); ages 11-12; BL4Y for Teens (gr. 7-12). Multiage resources for ages 3-12 plus downloadable PDF resources for all six age levels.
  • We Believe
     Confirmation curriculum for youth (ages 12-14) with versions for eight and 35 sessions.